Social communication for PA and No Profit is the “diversity” that makes us proud

Among the different specializations, Creativa boasts a consolidated marketing expertise for public bodies and institutions matured over the years through the implementation of several projects for the Piedmont Region, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Unioncamere Piemonte, the European Commission, the Enterprise Europe Network -EEN, the ICE and with several Universities: Turin, Eastern Piedmont, Gastronomic Sciences, Valle d’Aosta, Bologna and the Politecnico di Torino, in the field of social and territorial marketing.

Thanks to these field experiences, Creativa has developed an awareness and awareness of the specific needs of public utility communication, other than the private sector.

In particular, with respect to the sometimes very complex decision-making processes, the need to ensure, as a priority, truthful and as clear information as possible, to the not always fluid path of the development of work among the many involved. These operational peculiarities are part of the expertise of Creativa and, as such, will not be an obstacle to the development of the project, both creatively and operationally.


Digital transformation can’t wait: discover the new perspectives of B2B communication

Creative is the ideal partner to guide manufacturing and industrial services SMEs in the transformation of B2B communication and marketing, providing them with the most innovative tools with maximum effectiveness. In the world of SME promotion, Creativa plays the role of reference, in the development of projects capable of integrating the tradition of offline with the new cross-media dynamics of online.

Over the years, many companies have trusted Creativa, sharing projects and results: Adaci and Adaci Formanagement, Aldes, And Italia, AEC Soluzioni Industria, Atla, Borla, Euromotion, Houghton Italia, ICE, Irem, Mondorevive, Pneumatich ind-tech, Primeconcept, Ricomi, Robomove, Savio, Schneider Electric, Stillab, Stilmas, Tecnopol, TT Project, Uniflair, Unioncamere Piemonte, 2i3T, European Commission and many others, collecting a multi-sectoral expertise.


In communication for tourism a beautiful photo is not enough: it takes the experience!

After a long collaboration with TTG Italia Group that lasted more than 15 years, Creativa has developed a continuous and diversified expertise in territorial marketing and tourism.

The realization of projects for the Piedmont Region, the Lombardy Region and the Aosta Valley, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Unioncamere Piedmont, the European Commission, the Euroregion Alpmed, the national association of travel agencies AIAV, the portal of the Guides GIMME GUIDE, the platforms Goonitaly, Touchpoint and Piemonturismo, advertising campaigns for the Gal Peloritani, the Taormina Etna District, the Circuit of Ethno Museums, The DMO of Piedmont, Tourism Turin and for the Department of Tourism of many cities, have consolidated the specialization of Creative In this particular sector. Creative is sponsor of the Observatory “Digital Innovation in Tourism”, the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano since 2013, to analyze and deepen the evolution of digital tourism in Italy.

Recently has started the collaboration with the Milan Office of the Ministry of Tourism of Ivory Coast for the relaunch of the country as a tourist destination for Italians


Sustainability needs Communication. Today, tomorrow, always.

In the evolution of the Italian and international regulatory environment, the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance – environmental, social and managerial) criteria are now an essential element to assess the actual sustainability of companies, and must be considered an integral part of the strategic and operational management of the company.

For this objective Creative, together with its partners, offers SMEs a complete support for the implementation of sustainable practices, through the exclusive ARCHIMEDE System able to develop from sustainable marketing strategies to communication, from Brand Reputation to digitalization.

Creative supports SMEs that decide to activate a path of extraordinary transformation, in the preparation of documents and information materials to be used for the turnkey implementation of the Sustainability Report, which goes beyond the traditional fiscal budget, focusing on the overall impact of the company in the environmental and social context.