I for Innovation

To meet every need, we use the most advanced on and offline techniques and methodologies.

Staying fresh, takes research, experience and strategy, not least because following a fashion isn’t always the best way to reach the goal. Additionally, the digital world is so extensive and complex that you need to approach it with somebody who has tried and tested experience behind them to avoid ending up with an unworkable project.

Over the past few years, digital marketing has opened up a window on technologies and methods which are often complicated. But they also provide an opportunity to connect, with limited budgets, with an audience that can’t be reached by means of traditional marketing strategies alone.

Our aim is to guide clients through this complex world, and to walk alongside them in every phase, to reach their goal.

A comprehensive view of how to choose between the various communication channels:

  • Web sites, Apps and AR: planning and development of websites, Apps (iOS and Android), augmented reality services (AR) and responsive portals for all web marketing needs (visibility, e-commerce, product oriented, etc.)
  • SEO + SEA = SEM: development of multi-lingual organic visibility strategies (SEO), Google campaigns and social media ads (SEA)
  • Programmatic Advertising: purchase of online space for website advertising and other platforms to place banner advertising online
  • Web Reputation: advanced big data content analysis services and monitoring of sentiment analysis
  • Social Media Strategy: development of social media strategies, from turnkey management to the co-management of the main platforms
  • Email marketing: configuration of a high-performance platform to send newsletters and DEM to targeted recipients through the acquisition of lists, including graphics, contents and analysis reports
  • SMS and MMS marketing: the despatch of promotional content and coupons, and lead creation using interactive landing pages through SMS or MMS
  • Mobile ADV: from proximity marketing to sending communications using apps (eg. Telegram) to reach your potential clients
  • Video Making: creation of photos and video footage, with subsequent montage to make audiovisual films (interactive catalogues, 3D animation, etc)
  • Real-Time alerts: real-time alerts that make the most of smartphone geo-localisation facilities to send messages about events and promotions that are taking place close to the user (drive-to-store, push notifications, etc)
  • Artificial Intelligence: the partnership between AND Italia and Creativa has led to the creation of three solutions to ensure success at a corporate communications level. SMART CHATBOT, the vocal assistant that learns something new every day to add to websites and the AVATAR App, which is a virtual assistant with AI that can understand natural language and answer people vocally, which can be used at info points and interactive media stations. EVA, the free-of-charge intelligent App which helps you to manage events


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