V for Value

We are committed in our handling of all our projects because we want to give value to our clients!

Managing every phase of an event is often complicated and very hard work, as the organisation takes up a lot of time and calls upon numerous professional skills. Furthermore, a successful event needs a particular kind of skill in advertising so that communications are effective, and the right corporate positioning is achieved.

We handle strategic event co-planning, managing the technical, logistical and artistic issues, as well as communications. Specifically we do the following:

  • Artistic and cultural events: conventions, press conferences, workshops and day-events, laboratories and shows with:
    • event co-design, organisation and management
    • selecting experts and artists
    • calendar planning
    • integrated and multi-channel event promotion 
  • Company events: B2B events dedicated to companies and their stakeholders and clients (meetings, open days, event days, company anniversaries, etc), whether as part of trade fair shows or in ad hoc locations, we take charge of researching visitor flow to customised installations, from brand communication to day planning and post-event management:
    • managing logistics and promotion
    • creation of a celebratory logo
    • production of prizes, complementary gifts and tags
    • realizzazione premi, gadget e targhe
    • institutional videos
    • photographic services
    • customised graphics for stands, roll-ups, gazebos and pavilions
    • customised catering