T for Trending

We don’t just follow fashions: we prefer to research the future to create trends.

Sometimes you have to keep up with the times and enjoy the ride from the new trends so as to reach a goal, while other times you have to draw inspiration from more traditional marketing methods, ones that never go out of style.

Our marketing services look both to the past and to the future, so as to find the best solution, and the one that is most suited to our client. That is why our starting point is always an analysis of the overall market before we concentrate on the needs of the client and the area they are targeting creating a strategy designed to reach the goals that have been set. We provide turnkey delivery for all phases of the communication project, while always constantly monitoring our work.

Our core business is establishing on and offline strategies and planning, with the creation, execution and monitoring of integrated communications strategies that are aimed at client needs through:

  • Above the line: studio, creation and execution of advertising campaigns (press, tv, radio, posters, etc); the selection, planning and purchase of advertising media; the organisation, assistance and management of advertising campaigns and individual projects
  • Below the line: direct marketing, print-outs, visual merchandising, P.o.P., roll up and ministand, packaging, trade fair stands, in-store design, signage
  • Offices Services and Press and public relations office
  • Co-marketing: consultancy work that becomes partnership projects with clients to develop new business models
  • Financing: monitoring and just-in-time network monitoring services on tax breaks or incentives for communication work done by companies
  • Political Communication: strategies and communications support for candidates or political groupings through our Winning Poll business unit:
  • Tourism Communication: tourist marketing strategies for every player in the sector, from tour operators to travel agencies, from hotels and restaurants to specialist services, including promotional campaigns for associations and regional consortiums, through the business unit

Brand marketing does not end here: there are countless activities focussed on promotion.  We also offer:

  • Promotional campaigns, such as competitions, loyalty point collection and incentives ome concorsi a premio, raccolta punti e incentive
  • The research, development and manufacture of customised merchandising accessories, from feasibility studies to supplier management.