Our experience: tailored to suit every customer

When we acquire a new customer, we undertake a comprehensive, tailored consulting approach that represents our commitment to a strategic and lasting partnership. Our goal is to fully understand the needs, goals and unique DNA of each customer before taking any meaningful action.

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation period. During this crucial phase, we work closely with the customer to explore and evaluate various key aspects. We analyze the target market, identify competitors and conduct a detailed analysis of the company itself. This approach allows you to get a complete overview of the context in which the customer operates.

Next, we focus our attention on creating a customized and ad hoc strategy. We recognize that every customer is unique, with specific goals and distinctive challenges. Our strategy is never a “one size fits all” formula; on the contrary, it is a tailor-made solution that takes into account the particularities of the company, the sector and the objectives.

Our commitment to understanding the customer is critical to building a solid foundation for future success. The strategy outlined during the advisory phase provides the framework for the development of a detailed communication plan. This plan is driven by specific goals, clear success metrics, and custom tactics designed to maximize performance.

The 10 steps of effective planning

The consulting process, from customer knowledge to the formulation of a communication plan, generally consists of several phases. Each step contributes to forming a complete and customized framework for the communication strategy, ensuring consistency and effectiveness throughout the entire process. Steps may vary slightly depending on the specific context and needs of the customer, but usually include:

1) Knowledge of the Customer
Initial interviews with the customer to understand their needs, goals and values. In-depth analysis of the history of the company, the reference market and competitors. Identification of the main challenges and opportunities.

2) Market Research
In-depth analysis of the reference sector to understand market trends and dynamics. Study of the preferences and behavior of the target audience.

3) Analysis of Competitors
Identification and analysis of the main competitors. Evaluation of communication strategies adopted by competitors.

4) Audit of company image
In-depth examination of the current positioning of the company in the market. Evaluation of brand perception by the public.

5) Definition of Objectives
Drafting clear and measurable objectives that meet customer needs. Identification of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to assess the success of the strategy.

6) Development of the Strategy
Create an integrated communication strategy that includes online and offline media. Define creative and tonal guidelines.

7) Planning of Activities
Definition of specific tactics to achieve the objectives. Creation of a detailed calendar for the development of activities on planned media, in line with marketing objectives.

8) Creative Development
Creation of visual and textual content in line with the defined strategy. Creation of creative elements for different communication channels.

9) Implementation
Execution of communication activities according to the defined plan. Constant monitoring of performance and adjustments in progress.

10) Analysis of the Results
Evaluation of success metrics and KPIs defined in the target phase. Customer feedback and identification of possible improvements.

Our consulting approach represents our dedication to building relationships based on mutual understanding and joint commitment to success. Each customer is a unique partner, and our initial advice is the cornerstone to create communication strategies that are in tune with the mission, values and objectives of each customer.