C for Competence

The professionalism of our team and our partner network mean that we can always come up with the best answers to meet our clients’ needs.

We have always enjoyed working alongside sector professionals and forging real partnerships that in many cases go back years. We believe that combining our energies to get results is always the best solution in order to be competent and competitive, because it enables us to fully satisfy clients over time.

Networking so as to improve know-how

To make this collaboration even closer and truly synergetic, we have created the Input Group, the first advertising agency with no fixed base: it is a network of specialists that offers more skilled services in a flexible and competitive way.

We have always believed in the importance of sector associations, and we have played a leading role, through our CEO, Roberto Amarotto in the merger of the national associations Unicom and Assocom, so as to create UNA Aziende della Comunicazione Unite (United Communication Companies).

We also maintain a direct and established exchange system with a pool of European agencies, and we work as co-founder of two first-rate business units specialising in two specific areas: TOURISM PROMOTION, and WINNING POLL for political communication.

But Creativa is much more than that. Above all, Creativa consists of a unified team in which the old guard and new generations come together to make a strong group which can work in all sectors, not least because of agreements with skilled technical partners: