Communicating to citizens: our expertise for Public Administrations

Among the various specializations, Creativa boasts consolidated marketing expertise for public bodies and institutions gained over the years through the implementation of projects for the Regions of Piedmont, Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Italy, the Unioncamere Piemonte, the European Commission, the Enterprise Europe Network -EEN, the Euroregion Alpmed, the ICE and with several Universities: Turin, Eastern Piedmont, Gastronomic Sciences, Valle d’Aosta, Bologna and Politecnico di Torino and Milano, up to the scope of territorial marketing with the Gal Peloritani, the Taormina Etna District, the Circuit of Ethno Museums and the Department of Tourism of many cities. In this particular sector Creative he has been sponsor since 2014 of the Observatory on Digital Innovation in Tourism, of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, created to study, understand and analyze the evolution of the digital tourism sector in Italy.

Thanks to these field experiences, Creativa has developed an awareness and awareness of the specific needs of public utility communication, other than the private sector.

Marketing of Social Responsibility for SMEs

In a world where companies are called upon to reduce their environmental and social impacts, companies that adopt sustainable practices can gain many benefits, including: reduction of costs and improvement of performance, access to credit and finance, improvement of brand reputation and integration in a sustainable supply chain.

With these objectives we have transformed our awareness of corporate sustainability into a new project, the ARCHIMEDE System, which provides advice to SMEs, from sustainable marketing strategies to communication and digitalization, to implement sustainable practices. Together with partners specialized in the technical-scientific field, we can support SMEs in the turnkey implementation of the Sustainability Report, focusing on the overall impact of the company in the environmental and social context.

Following the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance – environmental, social and managerial) is now an essential element to assess the actual sustainability of businesses, and these actions must be considered an integral part of the strategic and operational management of the company to stand out from the competition and become more competitive.