Beyond digital: the power of offline communication

We bring our customers’ offline communication to life through a distinctive and accurate approach. From the creation of the customer’s visual identity in all its forms, to the setting up of exhibition stands, through the presence and dissemination of the brand in the traditional media of radio, television, press and outdoor, we are committed to creating concrete experiences that sign a lasting positioning. Our creativity materializes and spreads in a coordinated way on catalogues, brochures and all advertising media, bringing the brand in direct contact with the public. With our attention to detail and passion for graphic styles, we transform concepts into tangible realities that can integrate the spread of digital media.

The main ATL and BTL strategies of traditional planning

We specialize in two distinct approaches that span the different dimensions of traditional advertising strategy: above the line and below the line.

In this dimension, we focus on large-scale communication strategies. Through traditional channels such as television, radio and the press, we plan and create advertising campaigns that reach a large audience. Our experience in providing Press Office and Public Relations services reflects a constant commitment to creating a positive and constructive public presence for our customers.

From managing press communications to creating lasting media relationships, we actively promote the image and reputation of our partners. Our ATL campaigns aim to build brand awareness at the national or international level, targeting a wide and diverse audience.

Here, our focus shifts to more targeted and personalized tactics. Through direct marketing activities, promotional events, presence in selected locations and in the Points of Sale of commerce, we create interactive connections with the public. We deal with different facets of marketing, including direct marketing to directly reach the target, the creation of printed materials for effective communications, visual merchandising to enhance the presentation of products at the point of sale (P.o.P.) to attract attention.

There are many tools to enhance a brand or a promotional campaign: from totems and mini-stands for a dynamic presence to events, to attractive packaging; from the design and construction of exhibition stands to the interior design of the store (Instore Design); from the development of posters for impactful communication to the creation of attractive displays for leaflet distribution. Our BTL promotional material is designed to generate direct engagement, establishing personal relationships and encouraging specific actions, such as buying products or attending events.